The RRCA Groundwater Model is implemented using the USGS MODFLOW-2000 program. Given the complexity of the model, a number of programs were developed to prepare the MODFLOW-2000 data sets, and to post-process the results produced by MODFLOW-2000. This approach allows the processing of input and output data to be automated and minimizes the amount of manual data manipulation and the inevitable human errors that implies.

The following table summarizes the programs used with the RRCA Groundwater Model.

mkgw Program to calculate Colorado groundwater pumping and return flows. Also used for Kansas data in V12p7.
mksw Program to calculate Colorado surface water return flows. Also used for Kansas data in V12p7.
pumprechv5 Program to calculate Kansas groundwater pumping and return flows from 2001.
swrechv2 Program to calculate Kansas surface water return flows from 2001.
mknecanal Program to format canal leakage data into the format required by rrpp.
mknedat Pre-preprocessing program to calculate Nebraska surface, groundwater and commingled return flows and groundwater pumping.
rrpp Republican River Pre-Processor. This program produces recharge and well package files for MODFLOW-2000 from precipitation and state by state data.
mktd Program to extract TD3200 and TD3220 data for Republican River basin.
mkppt Program to extract annual precipitation from TD3220 data.
mkttp Program to extract daily precipitation and minimum and maximum temperature from TD3200 files and fill gaps.
mkmonet Program to calculate monthly maximum phreatophyte ET.
mket Program to produce an ET package input file.
mkres Program to download reservoir end of month stage data.
mkstr Program to produce a stream package input file.
mkshead Program to extract final heads from a previous simulation and write a starting head file for the current simulation.
mkinp Program to create MODFLOW-2000 input files for basic, discretization and name packages. Also creates parameter files for rrpp and Colorado mkgw and mksw.
mf2k USGS MODFLOW-2000 version 1.10. This is the program used to solve the groundwater flow equations.
acct Program to perform impact accounting. The program calculates impacts from the HYDMOD stream flow (sfi) files and produces an HTML table of impacts
mkcty Program to calculate county statistics.
cattab Program to merge multiple impact tables into one.
dat2dbf Program to build a dBase DBF file from a text data file.

Compiling the Programs

The programs were written in the FORTRAN or Perl computer languages.

The Perl computer language is ideally suited to complex data manipulation. It allows complex data structures to be created without the programmer having to manually allocate memory for the data structures. It is an interpreted language and does not need to be compiled. However, a Perl interpreter must be installed on the machine in order to run a Perl program. Perl interpreters are available for a wide range of hardware and operating systems, and can be downloaded for free at All programs written in Perl appear in the bin directory.

FORTRAN programs must be compiled using a FORTRAN compiler. The source code for all FORTRAN programs is contained in the src directory. Executable versions of these programs are contained in the bin directory. The file Makefile in the src directory contains instructions on how to compile and link the various programs.

The MODFLOW-2000 program uses dynamic memory allocation features of the FORTRAN-90 version of the language, and requires a compiler that will support this dialect. All other programs can be compiled with a compiler that supports the FORTRAN-77 standard with MIL-STD-1753 extensions.

Make Input Files (mkinp)
Make Groundwater (mkgw)
Make Surface Water (mksw)
Kansas Groundwater Pre-Processor (pumprechv5)
Kansas Surface Water Pre-Processor (swrechv2)
Nebraska Pre-Processor (mknedat)
Canal Leakage Pre-Processor (mknecanal)
Republican River Pre-Processor (rrpp)
Make TD3200 and TD3220 data sets
Make Temperatures and Precipitation (mkttp)
Make Monthly ET (mkmonet)
Make ET package input file (mket)
Download reservoir data (mkres)
Make stream package input file (mkstr)
Make Annual Precipitation (mkppt)
Make Starting Heads (mkshead)
MODFLOW-2000 (mf2k)
Make County Summary (mkcty)
Groundwater Accounting (acct)
Concatenate Impact Tables (cattab)
Create DBF file from data (dat2dbf)
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