Make County Summary (mkcty)

The mkcty program is used to produce county by county water budgets, including detailed summaries of input stresses.

The program reads pumping and recharge files from the rrpp input files, precipitation recharge from the rrpp output file, and evapotranspiration, stream gains, spring/drain flows and constant head flows from the MODFLOW-2000 cell by cell output file.

mkcty takes a year specified on the command line, and produces output for that year in the file yyyy.cty where yyyy is the year.

Principles of Operation

The mkcty summarizes cell by cell pumping, recharge and other stresses as well as acreage by county.

The cell to county mapping is specified in the file ../data0/cty.flg. The first line in this file lists the counties. The order of the counties in this list translates to a county number from 1 to 44 which appear in subsequent lines in (999I2) format.

Each cell is assigned completely to one county, whereas in reality each cell may be made up of multiple counties. Therefore, the county summaries may not match perfectly with other county statistics since stresses for boundary cells may end up in the next county.

Pumping, return flows and canal leakage are obtained from the state by state rrpp input files. M&I pumping is obtained from the ss/yyyy.mi files, where ss is the state (co, ks and ne). Agricultural pumping is obtained by summing the monthly pumping within a year in ss/, where mm is the month. Groundwater return flows, surface water return flows and canal leakage are obtained by summing the monthly recharges in ss/, ss/ and ss/, respectively. Recharge from precipitation is obtained from ppt/yyyy.rcp, while the irrigated acreage is obtained from ppt/yyyy.irr. Note that this irrigated acreage is the irrigated acreage used for calculating precipitation recharge. Groundwater, surface water and commingled acreage is obtaining from the files ss/yyyy.agw, ss/yyyy.asw and ss/, respectively.

Evapotranspiration, stream gain/loss, spring/drain flows, constant head flows and change in storage is read from the MODFLOW-2000 cell by cell output file yyyy.cbc and summarized by county.

The summary is written to an output file named yyyy.cty. Each line lists the values for a specific county.

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