Directory Structure

The RRCA directory structure for the RRCA Groundwater Model was designed to be flexible yet efficient. As the model is updated each year, a simulation is performed in a directory dedicated to that year. Post-processing of multiple years can be efficiently done by combining results from individual years. Similarly, pre-processing of data for the model simulations creates files that do not conflict with other years.

In addition to the directories for individual years, other directories exist to contain the source code for modeling programs, model data and pre-processing data that do not change from year to year, and data that are updated every year. The following table summarizes the directories and their purpose:

v12p7 All input and output files pertaining to simulation V12p7.
XXXX All input and output files pertaining to simulations for the year XXXX.
static MODFLOW-2000 input files pertaining to all years.
data0 Pre-processor input files that do not change year to year.
data Pre-processor input files that change year to year.
all Files related to calculating quantities for all states such as ET and precipitation.
src Source code for processing programs.
bin Executable processing programs.


Directories, sub-directories and files are separated by a forward slash (/) or backslash (\). The forward slash (/) is used by the UNIX and Macintosh family of operating systems, while the backslash (\) is used by the DOS and Windows family of operating systems. This documentation uses the forward slash throughout. Windows programs typically tolerate the use of a forward slash as a directory separator.

Most UNIX and Macintosh file systems are case sensitive. Therefore using upper or lower case in file names are significant. Most Windows file systems ignore whether letters are upper or lower case. To avoid some systems not being able to find a file or creating file name conflicts on others, lower case file names are used throughout.

The placement of the model files would typically differ from one computer to the next. In order to avoid such differences being significant, all file specifications are done relative to the current directory. To access a file bar in a directory foo at the same level as the current directory, the file name ../foo/bar is used. The specification .. indicates the parent directory of the current directory.

Many of the data used by the model are generated on a state by state basis. This is necessary because different types of data are available in each state. It is also necessary to keep the state by state data separate in order to perform state by state impact simulations. Therefore, data for the states of Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska are typically contained in sub-directories named co, ks and ne, respectively.

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