Stream Data Entry

The stream package varies from month to month only in that the reservoir stage in the major reservoirs changes.

Creating the input data sets comprises the following steps:

  1. Download reservoir end-of-month stage with the mkres program;
  2. Append new data to data/reservoir.dbf.

The download is performed in the all directory. The final result is stored in the file data/reservoir.dbf.

End of Month Reservoir Stage Data

The United States Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) ARC040 data sets contains daily data for several parameters including reservoir stage called Reservoir Forebay Elevation. The data are available for download from

The mkres program is used to download these data for the following seven reservoirs:

Identifier Name
BONCBonny Reservoir
EDNEEnders Lake
HBNEHugh Butler Reservoir
HCNEHarlan County Reservoir
HSNEHarry Strunk Reservoir
KSKSKeith Sebelius Reservoir
TRNESwanson Lake (Trenton Dam)

The output is a text file containing the reservoir stage by month. These values are appended to the file reservoir.txt which contains reservoir stages for the period of record. The dat2dbf program is used to convert this text file to a dBase file. The file ../data/reservoir.dbf is later read by mkstr to produce the stream package for a pecific year.

Example: Prepare reservoir data for 2004

Download data using mkres and append it to reservoir.txt. Convert the text file to a dBase file with dat2dbf.
mkres 2004 >> reservoir.txt
dat2dbf -o ../data/reservoir.dbf reservoir.txt

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