Make stream package input file (mkstr)

The mkstr program is used to produce a MODFLOW-2000 stream package input file for one or more years.

The mkstr program takes a year (or years) specified on the command line and writes the stream package to the screen. The output can be redirected to a file.

Principles of Operation

The mkstr program reads the stream network from a file. The V12p7 stream network is in the file ../data0/12.str, while the V12s stream network is in the file ../data0/12s.str. By default, the V12s stream network is used. To use the V12p7 stream network, the -12p command line flag is used.

The V12p7 and V12s networks differ because an error was discovered in the stream network used in V12p7. As a result of this error, Medicine Creek from the Medicine Creek Above Harry Strunk gage to Harry Strunk lake was omitted from the stream network. The solution introduced by V12s was to extent Segment 170 of the stream network to represent this stretch of Medicine Creek and to introduce a new accounting point at the end of this segment named AcctHarryStrunk to replace the previously accounting point at the gage. The result was that not only did the stream network change, but that the points at which HYDMOD extracts stream flows for accounting purposes changed. Consequently, there are HYDMOD and accounting definition files for both V12p7 and V12s.

The stream network represents reservoirs as stream segments with a large conductance and 1,000,000 cfs inflow into the segment. This large inflow is not routed beyond the reservoir, but simply serves as an infinite supply of water to measure groundwater impacts on reservoirs that result from changes in reservoir leakage. For each month, the stage in the reservoir is set as the average of the end of month storage from the previous month and the current month. The stream package Stop value for the reservoir is set to the desired stage, while the Manning's roughness coefficient is set to zero. The result is that the stage calculated by MODFLOW-2000 is equal to the desired stage regardless of the flow

Seven reservoirs are modeled in the stream network.

Identifier Name
Bonny Bonny Reservoir
Enders Enders Lake
HughButler Hugh Butler Reservoir
Harlan Harlan County Reservoir
HarryStrunkHarry Strunk Reservoir
KSebelius Keith Sebelius Reservoir
Swanson Swanson Lake

The stream reaches corresponding to these reservoirs are identified by the identifier shown in the above table next to the stream data in columns 82 to 92.

The end of month reservoir stage is read from the ../data/reservoir.dbf file. For each month, the reservoir stage is calculated as the average of the stage at the end of the previous month and the current month. That stage is applied to the Stop field of all stream reaches corresponding to the reservoir.

Example: Generate stream package for 2002

The default V12s stream package is used to generate a stream package which is redirected to the file 2002.str
mkstr 2002 > 2002.str

Example: Generate stream package for 1995

The V12p7 stream package is used to generate a stream package which is redirected to the file 1995.str
mkstr -p12 1995 > 1995.str
No other changes are made to the stream network found in the input files.
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