Make ET package input file (mket)

The mket program is used to produce a MODFLOW-2000 ET package input file for one or more years.

The mket program takes a year (or years) specified on the command line and writes the ET package to the screen. The output can be redirected to a file.

Principles of Operation

The mket program gets the monthly maximum phreatophyte ET for three stations, Akron, McCook and Red Cloud, from the file ../data/monet.dbf. The stations are at approximately the same latitude. The monthly ET rates for the stations are linearly interpolated across the domain from west to east, with no variation from north to south.

The station locations are shown in the following table.

Akron -103:0940:09 4805491460777668 41
McCook -100:3540:1411984941461495567177
Red Cloud -98:1740:0518408821455719568299

The monthly maximum ET in inches for the month for each model column is obtained by linear interpolation based on the column number of the stations shown in the above table. Negative values are set equal to zero.

The area of phreatophytes in each cell is read from the file ../data0/etarea.dat. This file contains the number of acres of phreatophytes in the cell.

The maximum ET rate in inches over the cell is calculated as the interpolated rate for the column times the phreatophyte acres divided by 640 acres per cell. This cell by cell rate in inches for the month over the cell is written to the ET package input file. The U2DREL multiplier is set to convert inches for the month to feet per second as required by MODFLOW-2000.

The ET ground surface is included by reference to the file ../static/11.etsurf. The extinction depth is set at a constant 10 feet.

Example: Generate ET package for 2002

The ET package input file is generated for the year 2002 and redirected to the file 2002.evt
mket 2002 > 2002.evt

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