Precipitation Data Entry

Annual precipitation at 34 locations are required for the annual precipitation recharge calculation. The rrpp program uses a complex procedure to calculate precipitation recharge from the annual precipitation at these individual stations.

Creating the input data sets comprises the following steps:

  1. Download and process TD3220 data set;
  2. Run mkppt to calculate annual precipitation for extract selected stations.

The mkppt program writes the annual precipitation in a format that can be directly appended to the annual precipitation file.

Annual Meteorological Data

The National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) TD3220 Cooperative Summary of the Month (CSOM) data set contains monthly summaries of precipitation and an annual total precipitation, among other things. The TD3220 data set undergoes extensive quality control and is the best source for monthly and annual precipitation data. The data sets are available for download from the NCDC web site at

The mktd program is used to precipitation records for the stations of interest to the file TD3220. The mkppt program then extracts the annual precipitation form this file for the following stations:
050109Akron 4 E Colorado
051121Burlington Colorado
051564Cheyenne Wells Colorado
054082Holyoke Colorado
054413Julesburg Colorado
059243Wray Colorado
141179Burr Oak 1 N Kansas
141699Colby 1SW Kansas
143527Hays 1 S Kansas
143837Hoxie Kansas
145363Minneapolis Kansas
145856Norton 9 SSE Kansas
145906Oberlin1 E Kansas
146374Phillipsburg 1 SSEKansas
147093Saint Francis Kansas
148495Wakeeny Kansas
250640Beaver City Nebraska
250810Bertrand Nebraska
252065Culbertson Nebraska
252690Elwood 8 S Nebraska
253365Gothenburg Nebraska
253735Hebron Nebraska
253910Holdredge Nebraska
254110Imperial Nebraska
255090Madrid Nebraska
255310McCook Nebraska
255565Minden Nebraska
256480Palisade Nebraska
256585Paxton Nebraska
257070Red Cloud Nebraska
258255Stratton Nebraska
258320Superior Nebraska
258735Upland Nebraska
259020Wauneta 3 NW Nebraska

The rrpp program also uses the location of each of these stations, stored in the file ../data/loc.dat. However, as the station locations does not change over time, this files does not require annual updates.

Example: Precipitation data for 2001 through 2003

This example shows the mkppt program being used to extract the annual precipitation for 2001, 2002 and 2003 and append it to the file ../data/ppt.dat.
mkppt 2001 2002 2003 >> ../data/ppt.dat

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