Republican River Compact Administration Groundwater Model

As part of the Final Settlement Stipulation in Kansas v. Nebraska and Colorado, No 126 Original which resolved the interstate disbute between the States of Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska on the Republican River, a groundwater model was developed by a Technical Groundwater Modeling Committee comprised of representatives from all three states. The committee meetings were also attended by representatives of the United States.

The following persons participated in the Technical Groundwater Modeling Committee meetings:

Ken Knox
Bill Fronczak
Willem Schreuder
Jim Slattery
George Austin
David Barfield
Dale Book
Mary-Kay Brengosz
Steve Larson
Evan Anderman
Ann Bleed
Jerry Kenny
Larry Land
Derrel Martin
Michael McDonald
Dan Morrissey
Jennifer Schellpeper
Chuck Spalding
Lee Wilson
United States
Alan Burns
Mark Phillips

Through a series of meetings over about a year, the committee went through a series of refinements of the model. The original USGS model of Landon et. al. was counted as version 1. The final version of the model presented here is known as Version 12p7, or simply Version 12p. This version of the model represents the end result of the joint efforts of the three States with input from the United States.

Data Files
Model Geometry
Aquifer Properties
Well Pumping
Predicted Heads
Baseflow Predictions
Water Budget
Model Predicted Impacts