Water Budget

A county by county evaluation of the modeled stresses was done by assigning each model cell to a particular county. Since county lines do not align perfectly with model cells, each cell was assigned to the county that contained the center of the cell.

The annual model stresses are represented as an stacked graph. Each color represents a different stress on top of other stresses. Inflows into the aquifer are shown above the X-axis, and outflows are shown below the X-axis.

A dashed line is used to denote the total inflows and outflow. This indicates whether the aquifer stresses result in a net sink or source of water in this county. Change in storage and horizontal flows are not shown in these graphs.

Cheyenne, CO
KitCarson, CO
Lincoln, CO
Logan, CO
Phillips, CO
Sedgwick, CO
Washington, CO
Yuma, CO
Cheyenne, KS
Decatur, KS
Gove, KS
Graham, KS
Jewell, KS
Logan, KS
Norton, KS
Phillips, KS
Rawlins, KS
Sheridan, KS
Sherman, KS
Thomas, KS
Trego, KS
Wallace, KS
Adams, NE
Buffalo, NE
Chase, NE
Clay, NE
Dawson, NE
Deuel, NE
Dundy, NE
Franklin, NE
Frontier, NE
Furnas, NE
Gosper, NE
Harlan, NE
Hayes, NE
Hitchcock, NE
Kearney, NE
Keith, NE
Lincoln, NE
Nuckolls, NE
Perkins, NE
Phelps, NE
RedWillow, NE
Webster, NE
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