Model Geometry

The model consists of 53790 model cells arranged in 165 rows and 326 columns, of which 30655 are active. Model cells measure one mile on a side, for a total area of 19,619,200 acres.

The model has a single layer that extends from the ground surface to bedrock.

The model simulations consist of a steady state step to establish initial conditions, followed by a transient simulation from 1918 to 2000 using monthly stress periods and two equal time steps per stress period for a total of 997 stress periods.

The model can be viewed in a series of cross sections. In these cross-sections, the saturated portion of the aquifer is shown in light blue, while the unsaturated portion of the aquifer is shown in yellow. A series of lines show the model predicted water levels at various times during the simulation.

Model Domain
Ground Surface
Total Thickness
East-West Cross Sections
North-South Cross Sections
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Aquifer Properties
Well Pumping
Predicted Heads
Baseflow Predictions
Water Budget
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