The model program used was MODFLOW-2000 version 1.10. All the results shown here were obtained with the program compiled to perform all calculations in double precision (64 bit) mode using the Lahey Fortran 95 Express/Linux 6.10e compiler. The model can be run in single precision (32 bit) mode, but the global mass balance obtained is better when run in double precision.

A modification was made to the program to allow calculations to continue if the iterations fail to converge but the global mass balance was acceptable. The source code and a description of the code modification required to perform the mass balance override is contained in the MODFLOW program source code

Data files used in this project were ZIPed to conserve disk space. The following set of ZIP files contain the data files generated or used during this project:

Well database
Baseflow database

Programs and external input data files
MODFLOW program source code
Perl libraries to read and write dBase and MODFLOW files
Programs source code and Linux executables
Parameter and flag files
USGS municipal and industrial pumping source data
Precipitation source data
Colorado source data
Kansas source data
Nebraska source data
Ground surface data and programs
Stream data and programs
Evapotranspiration data and programs
MODFLOW input data files

Data files produced by MODFLOW or pre-processing programs
Colorado RRPP input data
Kansas RRPP input data
Nebraska RRPP input data
RRPP precipitation summary output data
MODFLOW input data files generated from programs
Miscellaneous output files
MODFLOW stream flow output files
MODFLOW output file listing
MODFLOW head output files
MODFLOW cell-by-cell output files
County Budget Summaries

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