The model was calibrated to water levels. Water level data was obtained from the USGS Ground Water Site Inventory (GWSI) database. Data for all wells within the model domain for which water levels were available were extracted and placed into the well database. The database consists of a set of dBase tables tied together using the USGS site identifier or SID.

Hydrographs were generated for all water level targets in the domain. Selected hydrographs were identified during calibration to which the model committee paid particular attention.

In each hydrograph, the observed water levels are shown in dark blue. The model predictions are bilinearly interpolated from the surrounding model cells to the location of the well at each time step and the result is shown as a red line. The model bottom and ground surface, also bilinearly interpolated to the well location, are shown as brown lines. The well ground surface is also shown as a brown line and the depth-to-water from this elevation is shown at the right hand side of the hydrograph. Light blue shading is used to indicate the model saturated thickness used at the well location.

Below each hydrograph a map of the model domain in the vicinity of the well is shown. The well location is indicated with an X. All wells for which water level data are available are shown as purple symbols. The symbol type indicates the number of measurements and time period of measurements associated with each such well. Clicking on any well symbol brings up the hydrograph for that well.

In addition, every hydrograph contains a text section showing all the information associated with that well in the USGS GWSI database.

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