Republican River Compact Administration
Groundwater Model Update 2010 (May 8, 2017)

This is the Republican River Compact Administration Groundwater Model update for 2010 using the 5 Run Procedure.

This update reflects final precipitation and reservoir data. Missing precipitation data was filled using PRISM data at that location for the missing months as shown in the following table.

IDStationFilled Precipitation Data (inches)
054413Julesburg         0.599  
143837Hoxie0.1210.5201.9984.101  2.2561.6141.4750.2930.3780.181
146374Phillipsburg 1 SSE       3.1692.2900.4390.5850.156
250810Bertrand           0.208
259020Wauneta 3 NW  1.928    4.1360.912 0.5070.490

The state data uses essentially the same procedures as previous years. The Kansas pre-processing procedures have been refined to add additional error checking. The pumprechv8 program now requires the Almena factor to be specified on the command line instead of the first line of the almenapdivs file.

The state data used are the final updates submitted by the States.

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