Data Files

The data files are saved as ZIPed archives. Each ZIP archive contains a set of related files. When extracting files from the archive, it is important to recreate the directory structure encoded in the archive.

The archives contain:

The remainder of the archives contain simulations for the years 1993 until 2003. The 1993 to 2000 simulations repeat the V12p7 simulations and are included to validate the program updates and for historical reference.

Source Code
Common Data
Colorado Data
Kansas Data
Nebraska Data
Fixed Data Files
Variable Data Files
Static MODFLOW Files
1993 Simulation
1994 Simulation
1995 Simulation
1996 Simulation
1997 Simulation
1998 Simulation
1999 Simulation
2000 Simulation
2001 Simulation
2002 Simulation
2003 Simulation
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