Republican River Compact Administration
Groundwater Model Update 2015 (May 8, 2017)

This is the initial Republican River Compact Administration Groundwater Model update for 2015.

The Colorado pre-processing procedure for 2015 uses the metered pumping for those wells covered by the Metering Rules. Wells without meter records which are located in Kit Carson and Cheyenne counties uses the average application rate for Kit Carson county and the acreage associated with each well. The pumping from the Akron M&I wells are based on the USGS estimate from 2000.

The Kansas pre-processing procedure for 2015 updates the pumprechv10 and swrechv3 programs to use static versions of the gw/almenapdivs.txt and sw/monthlyfactorsbycounty.txt.

The Nebraska procedures are unchanged from 2014.

The reservoir, precipitation and ET data are the final data for the year.

Data Files
Well Pumping
County Summaries
Head Change
Predicted Impact