Predicted Impact

Pumping impacts are calculated by running the model switching off all pumping within each state in turn. Nebraska mound credits are calculated by running the model with all surface water returns and canal leakage in the Nebraska mound area switched off.

The annual impacts are shown below for the last five years and last ten years, as well as individual years.

Nebraska Mound
Impacts 1993
Impacts 1994
Impacts 1995
Impacts 1996
Impacts 1997
Impacts 1998
Impacts 1999
Impacts 2000
Impacts 2001
Impacts 2002
Impacts 2003
Impacts 2004
Impacts 2005
Impacts 2006
Impacts 2007
Impacts 2008
Impacts 2009
Impacts 2010
Impacts 2011
Impacts 2012
Impacts 1993-2012
Impacts 2002-2012
Impacts 2008-2012
Harlan County - Guide Rock Monthly Mound Credits
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