Republican River Compact Administration
Groundwater Model Update 2008 (May 8, 2017)

This Republican River Compact Administration Groundwater Model update for 2008 uses the 5 Run Procedure.

The reservoir end-of-month storage was updated from the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) web site. The NCDC precipitation and temperature data were obtained from the NOAA web site. Monthly precipitation data was filled using PRISM as shown below.

IDStationFilled Precipitation Data (inches)
051121Burlington  0.2500.9771.0021.6053.282     
145856Norton 9 SSE         7.829  
255090Madrid  0.671 4.4083.3122.6242.2271.8953.9590.5240.267
255310McCook   2.4786.217       
256585Paxton 0.115          
259020Wauneta 3 NW          0.586 

The Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska data are those exchanged in August 2009.

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