Republican River Compact Administration
Groundwater Model Update 2005

This Republican River Compact Administration Groundwater Model update for 2005 represents no change in the programs and procedures from 2004 except as noted below.

The reservoir end-of-month storage was updated from the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) web site.

The precipitation and temperature data were updated from the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC). Data for the Madrid, NE station (255090) was only available for March and December 2005. Filled daily data based on nearby stations were obtained for the Madrid station from the High Plains Climate Center (HPCC). The annual precipitation of 19.32 inches was obtained by summing the daily values. This value compares favorably with the 1918-2004 mean annual precipitation is 19.78 inches and the 1918-2004 median annual precipitation is 19.56 inches.

The Colorado groundwater data are calculated based on a refinement of the procedure to calculate irrigated acreage. Before, county totals were distributed to individual wells proportional to the appropriated acreage. The revised procedure uses aerial photography to identify irrigated acreage associated with individual wells in combination with field surveys to assign the irrigated acreage for each well.

The Kansas groundwater preprocessor program pumprechv5 has been updated to accommodate a larger range of overlap group numbers. This change does not effect the method of calculating pumping and recharge, but simply adjusts the program to accommodate a larger number of overlap groups. This change is required by the addition of wells that are in Nebraska that pump into Kansas and therefore needed to be added to the Kansas data.

A new accounting post-processor program hc2gr was added to calculate the Nebraska Mound Credits from Harlan County Reservoir to Guide Rock on a monthly basis. This program functions just like the acct accounting program, but summarizes the data on a monthly rather than an annual basis for this specific reach.

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